Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bad Blogger

Okay - steering clear of the local-politics-venting and getting back to blogging about meaningless fun and knitting... This week was a lovely time to take some vacation days - got to chill out, travel with the husband, and drink a bit with friends a time or two...

This is how our trip upstate started - with 300ish yards of alpaca that needed untangling. Mission: accomplished!

We then went to Ommegang Brewery and sampled some most excellent beers. We can get most of them through our favorite beer store, but it was nice to try some special brews as well.

We stayed at the lovely Inn at Cooperstown - centrally located with wonderful staff. I highly recommend it.

After spending the first day drinking lots and lots of beer, we hit the Baseball Hall of Fame on our anniversary. I really enjoyed it, and Joe spent most of the day awestruck. The rest of the Cooperstown pictures are here, but I warn you they're a bit baseball-heavy.

On the way back, we took the long way home on Route 28. In Oneonta, we found a great little yarn shop that shared space with a spice/food store. Both of us came away with goodies on that little side trip...

And I got through a few repeats of the Lupin scarf for Joe - in (the formerly tangled) alpaca from Montgomery Mills.

And the day after we returned, I got a package from my RnR "In Like A Lamb" swap partner! Beautiful handspun yarn, goodies, and noms! Whoot! cthulhulovesme is filled with awesome.

That's about it for the week, other than hanging out with the Connors and drinking too much wine...but that's pretty standard for us. And now I sit here embracing the last few hours of the last night of vacation - and hopefully the cats will be kind and not wake me at oh-dark-thirty in the morning. I so wish to savor my final sleeping-in morning.

I promise to be a better blogger and at least post more quantity, if not quality.

And - HEY - welcome to the world, Louis!