Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm Lookin' for a New Blog, Baby...

In mid-April, when Joe was home for his one weekend (in a month of travel), he was perusing the internet for some job opportunities.
J: "What do you think about Boise, Idaho?"
B: "Sure...Idaho doesn't offend me."

In mid-May, Joe had passed a few telephone interviews and was brought to Boise for an in-person one. They even flew me out there. We fell in love. We looked at houses, we ate at cool restaurants, we spoke with servers/barkeeps/shopowners, and we fell in love.

In mid-June, we found ourselves scrambling for asset paperwork, signing letters of intent, and focused on buying our new home.

And now Joe is in his new position, loving every moment of being out there, while I wrap up the NY house, pack, and try not to go insane.

A lot has happened in 3 months. And since we will no longer have a porch (that does make me sad), I'm thinking this little-updated blog needs to go in a new direction. Maybe towards the Greenbelt.