Thursday, August 21, 2008

One New Thing

I've come to a pretty disheartening conclusion:

I'm a fat, lazy, drunk potato on a dirty couch.

And so, with Joe's travel schedule being very intense over the next few months, I see this as an opportunity to take the steps needed to get myself out of this mess. Over the next few months, I will be starting One New Thing each Sunday in the following categories: Home, Physical Health, and Mental Health. They might be big or small. But I will start incorporating these Things into my daily/weekly life until they become habits. Because - and I tell you this honestly - they ain't habits now.


Home - clean master bath, tie up recyclables, vacuum certain rooms, etc. Currently this is all being done, but with absolutely no degree of regularity.

Physical Health - walk 3x per week (gotta start somewhere), bike for 1 hr each week, add 1 fruit to daily intake, etc

Mental Health - set aside 1 hr to knit on porch, read 30 minutes before bed each night, no TV on certain evenings, etc.

Again - starting REALLY slow and adding items as they become routine.

Anyone want to join me?


kdy12570 said...

I'm right there with ya! If you organize it, they will come, lol. But seriously, I love that idea and I can totally be onboard for it. I have been trying to organize my craft room for weeks now and it's still not done. After the olympics are over, I need to cut out TV--it is a huge waster of time. So is the internet, but I can squeeze that into mental health, if I need to, I really enjoy pondering ravelry and blogs and such...sign me up!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Good luck with your smart paln: and thank you so very much for your advice to me and my fiance for marriage: we shall remember to hug :)
have a wonderful time lovingly moving out of your comfort zone :)

Lorena said...

Join you? Literally? I WISH!

Seriously, though, some of these things have been on my mind as well.

Anonymous said...

All the best in turning over a new fall leaf! Just remember to be gentle with yourself. The best step to mental health is to stop beating yourself up. As for me, I am sure that I could loose some extra pounds if only the laptop would un-glue itself from my lap!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry that last one was from me! I always forget to sign my names to these things. Our new cleaning routine includes changing sheets weekly and vacuuming 1-2 times a week. Yuck! But we learned that Connor is allergic to dust, cats and pollen, so we are doing what we can!

PJ said...

I'm in! I'll join you in the walking and "me" time. I've been saying I'm going to start walking for a long time now...went on a six mile hike with a friend on Thursday and found out exactly how out of shape I am! Not good...:-(