Monday, April 13, 2009

Kristin Knows Me Very Well...

So I got a note from Kristin on Facebook: "I have something for you and Joe that will make you laugh out loud and giggle to yourselves! Hee-hee!" And when I got home today (Lousy Day One of Five Craptastic Days filling in on a set of duties that I loathe), I noticed a box by the kitchen door.

It was a package from a favorite supplier of the heroin-for-me that is pottery (they are also friends of the Newbys). Inside that carefully-insulated box was a lovely, hefty coffee mug. On the front it says, "How 'Bout A Cup"

And the other side says - you guessed it:

Kristin, this is so very perfect. I've decided I get to keep it at work because Joe already has this hanging above his desk. You are the best, sweetie - and you have made me smile tonight, without a doubt!

Mwwaah! Much love to you!


Anonymous said...

Nothing better than giving a hand made gift from one friend to another! Hope you can at least chuckle to yourself a bit this week. Hugs! Kristin

Lorena said...

That is full to the brim of HOT STEAMING WIN!!!!!1!

Amy said...


...I always think I want to spell "awesome" that way and then after I've typed it I nearly always think it was a bad idea and re-type it.

Anyway, that is a super awesome mug.