Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hey - How Was That Wedding...?

After some fast-and-furious storms, the Powers That Be decided that Saturday night would have some perfect weather...

Eagle's Nest, in all its glory. We figured anyone living nearby (1) didn't like people, (2) didn't like pizza delivery, and (3) had a contract with a good snow plow guy.

Day-ummm...I work with some handsome fellers...Sharon - you or your friends might recognize the stud on the right - that's Dale, from MCC Gainesville.

Every bride deserves to be a princess...with a martini. Debra had a martini-themed reception (gawd bless her) - complete with martini bar, martini candles, and martini centerpieces. That's one of her daughters with her - Matt and Debra had a beautiful ceremony that included both of her daughters.

Here's the only decent picture of me (and my shawl). With John G and his wife. It was a perfect evening filled with love and fun. Yay, love! :)

More pictures once they're all uploaded. But in the meantime, hooray for love!

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Lorena said...

Hooray for love, indeed!