Friday, July 11, 2008

Plenty Blogworthy but no Blogging Skillz

Yeah. So. I'm a bum. A doofus. Lots of fun things are going on, but no blogging.

Visits from friends, a kickass July 4th party, and a new little girl (of the feline variety) possibly on the way. But do I blog about it? Of course not.

Cuz I'm a loser.


Anonymous said...

Peter says, "I'm looking forward to sitting on the 'porch,' smoking some stogies, and drinking some whiskey with you all."*

*"Provided the kids are in bed."

The thing with any type of writing for me is that life just gets in the way. We'll see you soon!


Lorena said...

You're not a loser; you're just keeping us in suspense!

Eric K. said...

As one who has been bloggin, but NOT commenting lately, I still totally understand. Hope all is well!