Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Three-Day Weekend of Nothing

Hear that? That's the sound of nothing. Absolutely nothing planned for the weekend, except a casual cookout at a friend's house. I'm not hosting anything, I'm not traveling anywhere...all that's on my To-Do List is knitting, knitting, laundry, maybe pay bills, and more knitting.

Joe's up in Vermont fly-fishing with an old buddy, so he's in heaven. As much as I love to travel (and as much as I loooove VT), I needed a downtime weekend. Not that it's been busy around here - it's just nice not to have an agenda. Besides, there's a group of us on Ravelry making squares for blankets - several Rav members have loved ones undergoing chemotherapy right now - and I've got to motor through a bunch of those.

In the meantime, I got yarny goodness! Joe gave me a gift certificate from Hanks for Christmas, and since I'm a bonehead I misplaced it for about 5 months. While searching for our video camera cable, I found the certificate! Whoooot!

I got Mmmmmmmalabrigo lace weight in blue

Mmmmmmmmmmalabrigo lace in green:

And some lovely Prism Saki in "Brass"

That's about all the excitement that's happened this week. Finally saw Slumdog Millionaire, and I thought it was a good movie. Not the best ever, but good.

Now I'd better get out of this office chair and get on the treadmill. Then I've got some knitting to do!

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idyllicchick said...

My darling Betharoopie, I do hope you have a most wonderful weekend! Pet your Mmmmmmalabrigo if you start to feel down about anything. Enjoy your alone time, just you and your wool, knit, purl, knit, purl.