Saturday, May 09, 2009

So, How's the Knitting Going...?

Remember THE LIST? Well, here's a 4-month update:

- 6 pair of socks (at least). Completed 3. For Me, Joe, and Mom. Started #4
- This shawl, in some groovy Egyptian mercerized cotton I have. Not started
- A scarf pattern that came with my Buckwheat Bridge purchase at Rhinebeck 2007 Not started
- Another hedgie for one of Joe's coworkers (who just had a baby) Done
- Possibly this scarf using this yarn Not started
- A hat and scarf for Joe to replace the really crappy ones I knit him when I was first learning Started the scarf
- Another Clapotis, this time for me, out of some awesome yarn I got at Rhinebeck 2008 (the purple stuff at the top of this photo) Not started
- This fish hat. Because how can you not make a fish hat? Not started

This original list morphed into a larger, more organized "to-do" list that has amused the ladies of my knitting group (yes, I am a list junkie and a nerd). Included on the new list:

- Amelia hat from a kit SoHo gave me in 2007 Done
- Russ's cigar gloves Done
- Rip out Tubey (failed sweater due to poor pattern/yarn combo)
- Mom's knucks and hat-or-scarf Started knucks, hope to finish soon
- Angel Lace Shawl with Bijou Basin Ranch yarn Not started
- Gryffindor socks with Sunshine Yarn Not started (sock #5)
- Noro striped scarf Started but no pics yet - looky here for examples
- Hedera socks for Mom Started, but not happy with gauge. In time-out for now (sock #6)

So that's about it for now. Today is all about laundry and minor cleaning of the house. And seeing how long I can stay in my PJs. It's 2pm, and I'm still going strong.

Edited to add - sorry about all the color changes. Was doing the color change to indicate notes, realized purple was a crap color on this background, changed to peach. Most of it did, anyway. Then realized black was a bad choice when I went back to "normal", and now I'm just tired of fooling around with it. So deal with it, please.


Amy said...

Since the post was about knitting, I had been vaguely thinking to myself that all the different colors were to create a sort of patchwork quilt effect. Very artsy and subtle of you, Beth! ;)

jacquieblackman said...

Good idea reviewing your to-do list. Seems like you're doing a pretty good job. I think you should pat yourself on the back!