Saturday, January 02, 2010

So How'd That 2009 Knitting Go?

Remember this list of things to knit in 2009? I think I did pretty well, considering how busy things were this year:

- 6 pair of socks (at least). Five pair completed, two pair in progress
- This shawl, in some groovy Egyptian mercerized cotton I have. Started 11/12/09, 2.5 repeats into pattern (roughly 1/4 of total).
- A scarf pattern that came with my Buckwheat Bridge purchase at Rhinebeck 2007 Started 12/22/09, about 1/5 into pattern.
- Another hedgie for one of Joe's coworkers (who just had a baby) Completed, also made another hedgie for niece Jessica
- Possibly this scarf using this yarn NOT DONE
- A hat and scarf for Joe to replace the really crappy ones I knit him when I was first learning Started the scarf, haven't worked on it in a while
- Another Clapotis, this time for me, out of some awesome yarn I got at Rhinebeck 2008 (the purple stuff at the top of this photo) NOT DONE
- This fish hat. Because how can you not make a fish hat? NOT DONE

Also completed:

Angel Lace Shawl with yak/merino blend


Windy Valley Scarf with Qiviuk


Noro striped scarf


Three baby hats, four pair baby socks/booties




Knucks for Mom


Cigar gloves for Russ


Cool Amelia hat from a kit given by a friend in Toronto


I'm not sure what my project goals are this year, but I'm definitely going to work on "shopping from stash" rather than buy any more yarn. It'll be nice to work the stash size down a bit. Edited to add: my completed projects of 2009 consumed approximately 4,554 yards of yarn - over 2.5 miles! According to Ravelry, I only have another 33 miles to go...

Of course, I have the same old goals of health and making the world a better place - this year I'm going to be very mindful of all of my goals and hopefully simplify my life. Too much clutter - in the stash, in the home, in the soul, and on the body.

Happy 2010 to all!


idyllicchick said...

Happy New Year Sunshine! I am starting off the year with an exceptionally positive attitude. Swear! Last year I told myself (And others, gasp!) that 2009 would be the year of completing projects. That was a big fail. So one more time, with feeling! 2010 is going to be it. I'll have the calendar to prove it!

Kisses to you and Joe and all of the kittens. I love you!

jacquieblackman said...

Happy New Year!

I love your recap and your goals. Some things to keep in mind when I make my list. I decided that I will knit all my Rhinebeck yarn from '07 first. It's not a lot of yarn but an easy goal to meet. And it's such great yarn, I can't ogle it forever!

Hugs and kisses!

Pam said...

Oh wow! Those scarves are gorgeous! And of course, I'm loving the last hat. Miranda has something similar.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Beth! It has been ages since I have checked your blog--or anyone else's--and I love the knitting! Beautiful!! Love you!