Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Whole Lotta Yarn

Besides the obvious changes needed in my life for physical and mental health, I also find the need to "destash" in 2009. For you non-knitters, that means knitting from my current stash rather than buying new stuff. Seems like common sense, sure...but when you have close to 200 skeins of yarn and keep buying faster than you knit - there might be some room for improvement. And if you think 200 is a lot, you should talk to some of my friends or visit Ravelry. Mine pales in comparison.

So for 2009, I'm hoping to knit the following:
- 6 pair of socks (at least).
- This shawl, in some groovy Egyptian mercerized cotton I have.
- A scarf pattern that came with my Buckwheat Bridge purchase at Rhinebeck 2007
- Another hedgie for one of Joe's coworkers (who just had a baby)
- Possibly this scarf using this yarn
- A hat and scarf for Joe to replace the really crappy ones I knit him when I was first learning
- Another Clapotis, this time for me, out of some awesome yarn I got at Rhinebeck 2008 (the purple stuff at the top of this photo)
- This fish hat. Because how can you not make a fish hat?

It doesn't look like much, but it's a pretty aggressive list for a slow knitta like me.

For all of you non-knitters who really couldn't care less about all this, hopefully I'll be blogging more - about various things - in 2009. Since the world revolves around me, of course, my gift to you is more of myself. Bwah!

I hope you all have a lovely night - be safe, and have fun. We're celebrating in our normal manner, which usually involves lots of wine and a really awesome breakfast. Cheers!


jacquieblackman said...

I think de-stashing is on everyone's agenda this year. I know it's on mine!

I love your choices of patterns to work on this year. Muir is beautiful! And I agree with you fully, how can you not knit a fish hat?

Hugs to you and Joe!!

Amy said...

I don't knit but I love reading about it so please knit and blog away!