Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nine Weeks

Okay, so we've gotten through the hard part(s):
- We purchased the Boise home
- Joe started his new job, which he loves
- We moved all our stuff out to Idaho, and it mostly got there in good shape (I don't wanna talk about the Dechar bowl and the Toronto magnet from Jacquie...sniffle...)
- I cleaned ALL THE THINGS that remained in the NY house
- We put the NY house on the market

Nine weeks from today we'll hopefully be loading up a rental RV with clothes and cats, then driving for a few days. So I can finally be here...

...and wake up to this:

I think my blood pressure will drop immediately the morning I first wake up out there. Even if it takes us a while to sell the NY house, I know we're moving in the right direction.


Nine more weeks.


idyllicchick said...

Love! Love to you, love the house, love your happiness. <3

Lorena said...

Whoa! That view does not suck! Here's to blood-pressure lowering, and selling the NY house quickly, and you and Joe cracking some cold ones and watching the sunset in your new house. Love you both!