Friday, December 31, 2010

So Long, 2010

This has been a busy year.
- Started it in our usual way, hungover at a friend's house. This time with Rob & Mika too!
- Traded in old beater car, bought a "grown-up" car
- Survived a couple of huge snowstorms (which Joe was lucky enough to miss)
- Saw my niece play in a volleyball tournament and hooked up with the family in Baltimore
- Went back to the ATL to spend some time with my girlfriends
- Joe put in for a new job (April)
- Went to Boise for an interview (May)
- Put down an offer for a new house (June)
- Bought the new house and moved all our stuff (July)
- Put our NY house on the market (August)
- Drove 2500 miles in an RV with 4 cats
- Went to ATL again for a friend's wedding
- Went to TX to see family for Christmas

And in all that time, I only knit 7 things, 5 of which were easy hat/baby items. That's gotta change. My 2011 goals (in no particular order):
- Knit more.
- Get healthier. Stop saying it and just do it.
- Hope the NY house sells so I don't have to look for work.
- Blog more.
- Finish unpacking and get the house in order
- Never move again

That should do it. May you all have a wonderful 2011!

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