Sunday, November 04, 2007

Freunde und Bier!

Friday night I enjoyed a few hours with the Newburgh knitting ladies. Then I awoke Saturday to happy sparkles in the dining room...

...caused by the morning sun hitting The Chandelier That Joe Hates. Sparkles are a great way to start a weekend. Spent the rest of the day working on the house, reorganizing my stash, unearthing the treadmill, working on my mum-in-law's xmas present, watching DVR'd Chuck episodes, and drinking lots of beer. Then Russ came over, smoked a cigar, and we watched The Man Who Knew Too Little into the wee hours. I loves me a nice slow day.

Sunday, after the initial joy of getting an extra hour of sleep, has seen the completion of the xmas present (all but blocking), walking into the village for THE BEST breakfast sandwich, getting fresh-baked-and-still-warm 9-grain bread from the bakery, and having Russ & Frank over to make a batch of beer.

Unfortunately, you folks at home don't have the added benefit of the German music in the background.

I think I'll knock a few more beers back, watch some more TV, and start on my mom's xmas present.

Life truly doesn't get much better than just doing "whatever" once in a while.


voiceofsocietyman said...

Hi! Thanks for the comment on my NP blog. Shirra's getting ready to open her store any day now (having spent hours today putting down a coat of primer).

You must put a lot of time into your blog; it looks great (and busy). Keep it up!

See you around....


Kelly said...

I love Chuck. That show makes me laugh out loud. We had saved all of our Tivo'd episodes for my husband's sister to watch when they came to visit so we recently had a Chuck weekend.