Sunday, April 20, 2008

Another Weekend of Sore Muscles

Sorry I haven't posted much. My week, in a nutshell:

Monday night - the mass junk-exodus into the den (as pictured in previous post)
Tuesday night - public meeting on a local proposed development
Wednesday night - Comprehensive Plan Committee meeting
Thursday night - recover, knit a bit, retire early
Friday night - knit night, have a blast, Joe gets home, late dinner together
Saturday - wake up, finish 3rd coat in new guest bedroom, let dry, move furniture into said room, curse and make final touch-ups after bed nicks wall in same bedroom, finish clearing out old guest bedroom, curse and realize need to scrape window trim in said room, scrape (Joe and me) and sand (just Joe) until the day is almost over, swap out summer and winter clothes from the attic (just me), prime recently-scraped windows (just Joe), watch some DVRd shows, knit a bit, order pizza, limp off to bed
Sunday - wake up, knit a bit while watching TV and avoiding the inevitable tasks to be done, vacuum old guest bedroom, paint ceiling of same room, curse that we don't have enough ceiling white, pay bills (me) or do work stuff (Joe) until local hardware store opens, pick up new gallon of ceiling paint, booze, and Walk Hard, come back and paint (me) and work on work stuff (Joe) until lunch of leftover pizza... be continued...

ETA: Pictures!

Joe scraping door trim:

The lovely flakes from scraping...

Dobby, looking cute as always...

The new guest room (pardon the clutter from cleaning out the OTHER room):

Old guest bedroom:

It's actually more orange-sherbet than the pictures show...

We seemed to totally go all tropical on the back of the house. I wanted "happy" colors for the treadmill room, and it certainly fits the bill.

Enough now - we're tired, high on paint fumes, and just realized that the new ceiling white is different from the old ceiling white. So a 3rd ceiling coat (and edging!) needs to go up this week. Oh, joy!


jacquieblackman said...

Wow! You guys are rock stars! The place looking great!!

Lorena said...

It's looking fantastic-- I can't wait to see it in person in a few months!

Thora said...

The new color is beautiful! Perfect weather for painting. :)