Saturday, April 12, 2008

Doin' Stuff


I had scheduled Thursday and Friday as days off, but due to personal circumstances that my boss was dealing with I couldn't really take Thursday off with a clear conscience. Fortunately, however, I was able to take Friday. Otherwise I would've been one fussy, petulant dorkwad.

I slept late. I knitted. Joe and I ran errands (he had the day off too - after he got back from New Jersey). We had lunch where friends work, and we sampled a whipass new menu item - the jalapeno popper chicken sandwich (couldn't find a link - it's from TGIF, though). Hint - it's super-good, but only if you have half. Once you're on the second half, you start to get sick of it. Or so says Joe.

I took pictures of the sunset from the porch, and of Ghetto Kitty in Joe's shop...

We bought paint. We closed on a new equity line rate. We took catnaps before walking to a neighbor's house and losing about 10 bucks in an all-night poker game, where I accused a coworker of f*#king me. I meant that he was f*#king with me, but after a few shots of tequila (thanks, Sam), I don't know whether or not that message was conveyed properly.

We got in around 2am (thanks Jason - and many thanks for not holding that you're f*#king me comment against me), and we slept mighty late. On Saturday!

Painting a ceiling with a mixed-alcohol-hangover is not recommended. Lots of spots before the eyes. But I held it together, and thanks to Joe's run to BK for some greasy recovery food, all was well with the world. We painted the bastard room, so-named for its lack of purpose. Treadmill, yarn, boxes, occasional mattress...this was basically a glorified closet. Now we're making it the official guest room, and the former guest room will house the treadmill, weight machine, and other oddities. Seemed like a good time to paint and get it to where we wanted it, you go.

Yes, it's very sea-foamy, but it's meant to be. We have a lot of goodies from family beach trips, and every house we've been in (well, we've only had 2 so far) has had a "beach" guest bedroom, where our beach pictures and seashells can hang out comfortably. So there you go. A seafoam green (well, technically, it's Florida Aqua) bedroom. Don't mind the DVD/TV in the corner - that's just so we could watch The Big Lebowski while painting. It's important, you know.

Jacquie and Paul - you'll recognize this as the closet you slept in. It's actually quite large when you remove everything from the room... Tomorrow we tackle the trim, then we put the new bedroom together. Woohoooo!

So there you go. Not much going on, but enough to make my arms sore. Painting a ceiling sucks! ;)


Eric K. said...

Not much going on? Whew! I'd hate to see a weekend when you're busy! Haha! Sounds like you got a lot accomplished on your 3-day weeked - congrats on being productive and entertained.

jacquieblackman said...

Very nice! Can't wait to see it in person. ;-)

I have to agree with eric k... not much going on, eh?

Pam said...

Painting a ceiling does suck. And I've never done it hungover. I have to echo eric and jacquie on the "not much going on" comment. What you did this weekend would take us a month! And yes, I do use the kids as an excuse! Glad you finally got some time to enjoy yourself.

Celena said...

That's my hubby's favorite movie. It never gets old. You can often hear quotes from that movie rattled off at appropriate times around here too. Funny stuff!