Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Delightful Day

About 2.5 weeks ago, our wonderful friends, Tim & Cambria, had a beautiful baby boy. His name is Calder, and he looks like the sweetest little thing - which is to be expected, naturally, because his parents are just lovely to the core. Belated congratulations to this new family - I can't wait to snorggle that little cutie-pie. :)

I found out this afternoon that they got the present referenced here, so now I can post a picture...

Rav details are here. The pattern is a variation on a design from Hanks - the January is for Karen scarf. It's a really fun pattern - enough to keep you interested, but not complicated enough to make major mistakes. Unless you're me. So, due to a few colossal blunders, it was a bit late getting to Young Master Calder. Thanks to Amy's advice, I made it a larger size - almost shawl-ish - so it can be wrapped around, folded over, tucked into - just about anything. I hope you enjoy it and use the heck out of it - at least for these last couple of days of chilly weather!

Having two friends with babies born rather close together put me in major blanket-knitting mode. Now that there's a little lull (for now), I'm cutting loose and starting on our Newburgh Knits knitalong...

Although it looks like an odd-colored bikini line, I assure you it's just the Blue Jeans Lace Leaf Shawl, knit up in Brooks Farm Primero, a gorgeous gift from Lorena at the Great Yarn Orgy of 2007. It's fun so far, but kid mohair takes some getting used to after worsted blends. I'm just sayin'.

Of course, I just HAD to swing by Cornwall Yarn Shop to pick up needles for the shawl project. My interchangeable needles weren't liking the mohair all that much. Honest! I haven't been to that shop - August...? I feel like such a bad customer. So of course I had to help relieve their sock yarn inventory. Just a bit. To make up for the post-Rhinebeck drought.

I still continue to work on my Monkey Socks, but I have to rip back to redo the heel (it's a bit small), and that will take a night in front of the TV, which I haven't had yet. Maybe tomorrow. Then again, maybe I should do my taxes tomorrow. Hrrrmmm....

Finally, a lovely little package was waiting by the front door:

A book on how to preserve fruits and vegetables. I did a search on "how-to" books, and lo-and-behold what popped up but a publication from the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service, where my father worked for years. A contributor to the book was actually one of my "bosses" at my first summer job with the 4-H Office. Very nice twist of fate, that. So of course I had to buy it. Hopefully, knowing what hit us last year, we'll be a little more prepared this time around with our local CSA.

That's about it with my belated update documenting my delightful, wonderful day. And now, I must go to a public meeting where I'm sure people will yell at me. Or towards me, at least. I wish I could bring my knitting...

Oh - and have I thanked you enough, Jacquie, for helping me in the fight against MS? You're awesome, you knitting rock star, you!


jacquieblackman said...

You are so welcome!

Best of luck reaching your goal!

Cambria said...

Calder loves the blanket. He took his portable hug with him to the pediatrician yesterday. It is big enough to swaddle him in one great big hug and keep him happy.
-Tim and Cambria