Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Quick and Dirty

Totally stealing this from a friend's recent post, I'm just going to hit some highlights as of late:

- How are those New Things going? Rather well, actually. I'm a little behind, but I'll get back on track. I've decided going forward not to publish any more of my goals because, well, some are a bit personal.

- How did that MS Bike Ride go? Oh - you mean the one where everyone bailed on me? Yeah. Due to our team captain, our team, and Joe not being able to ride, as well as that ride being the last weekend before we took off to Italy, I did not ride in that particular event. HOWEVER, we are hooking up with another MS ride very soon and will post information on that. Just so you wonderful donors know that your money did go to a worthy cause, and I will get my big butt up on a bike soon! ;)

- Super-secret to friends in my knitting group - I'm done with all eight legs! Now I can start my Rhinebeck knitting!

- Willow is doing really well, but she still bullies Dobby, and that makes me sad.

- This month will be filled with my working weekends and late nights, so I'm going to be a grumpy blogger.

That's about it - exciting as it is...

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Anonymous said...

Whatever the format, I appreciate the updates. With long hours and working weekends, it is easy to have groggy-ness in your bloggy-ness. Hang in there!