Monday, December 22, 2008

I Have This Friend...And She Rocks.

Many of you know (or have read about) dearest Lorena. Last week, she sent me the most delightful little package of Christmas surprises, and I promised not to open them until Christmas. Well, Joe and I typically open our presents early - this year I'm surprised we waited until 12/22 - and so last night was The Great Unwrapping, during which we found further evidence that our dear friend rocks. A lot. And not just a lot of rocking...but rocking a lot of the time...

She knitted us socks.

Adorable, warm, matching socks! The above picture has better color.

This picture, while darker, shows off the picot bindoff on mine (ZOMGWTFBBQ!!1! Cuteness!), and Joe's more manly cuff.

I also got a skein of the 2008 Holiday Gingerman sooper dooper sock yarn! Such lovely goodness. What a beautiful person - and mad-skillz knitta - you are, sweetie! MWAH!!!

Joe was particularly good this year, as he received TWO pairs of hand-knitted socks. I finally finished his Baby Cable Rib socks, made with Lorna's Laces I got at Hanks last year (see how it all comes full circle?)...

Joe is a changed man. He now owns four pair of hand-knitted socks, and I don't think he's ever going back. He loves them!

I'll go into more detail about our gifts to each other at a later date. But a couple of hints: I'll probably be posting more to youtube in the future, and our very cluttered office is about to be a lot less cluttered.

Happy Holidays!


Courtney said...

Now there's a picture of you and your husband having socks on the internet! Heh heh. Seriously, those are gorgeous socks. I am officially inspired to knit some socks now. Happy holidays!

jacquieblackman said...

Hee! I lovelovelove that you guys have matching socks. That is so cute!

vanessa said...

I love your all guys. At that same time i love you have matching socks. Thank!