Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I Received a Book Tonight

Everyone knows I have a soft spot for the critters of this world. Well, maybe not spiders - if they're large and in my house, then all bets are off. But everything from the loudest little cricket and tiniest inchworm to neighbor cats, skunks, and even baby groundhogs - I'm a sucker for taking care of things. I'm sure there is a visible-only-to-strays sign on my head, for the Weismann Home for Wayward Animals has seen its share of visitors.

When I first visited the Daily Coyote about a year ago, I knew in an instant I was a gonner. The writing - the photography - and, of course, Charlie - I was in way over my head. I completely fell in love with everything about this little guy and his caregiver. So I kept checking in. And so I, too, became a part of their ever-growing family - hanging on to every word and picture. Shreve even commented on my blog once, and I felt like a celebrity.

And so tonight the mailperson brought me a great gift - my preordered copy of The Daily Coyote book. Even though I'm very familiar with the overall story, the first few pages captivated me. I once loved to write. I loved the freedom of words and all that they held for me in my small world growing up. In Shreve's book I see that same love and freedom. I see a life that most envy, even though it's certainly not an easy one. I see hard lessons learned, and I see beauty savored. I see pride in hard work, and I share in being extremely proud of the results.

Now, if you'll excuse me - I have a book to read...

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