Tuesday, February 06, 2007

100th Post and Catching Up

Wow. 100 posts. I'm really full of myself, aren't I...

Let's, see...the last few days:

Friday - Great day, feelin' good, get through the work day then realize it started bleepin' snowing, and I have the skateboard car today (vs the badass truck), and of course tonight I have to go to the grocery store because we're going upstate for the weekend. Crazy bread-and-milk freaks causing a Friday night traffic jam at Shop-Rite.

Saturday - Yay! Going upstate with the Connors! Clam steam, games, much food and wine, and *I* wasn't the sloppy drunk this time! Pictures to be posted soon.

Sunday - Darn those Connors and their evil alcohol ways! Sleepy. Cold. Very sleepy. Drive back, crash, bail on a potentially groovy Super Bowl party. Watch the game, feel "eh" overall about the commercials, then crash again.

Monday - Cold. Cold. Cold. Cats clinging to us like velcro. Good news - all the work that we'd done the last few years paid off with the pipes not freezing in the crawl space. Bad news - we have a Death-Star-reactor-sized column at the core of our home that allows really cold air to freeze the pipes INSIDE THE HOUSE. Downstairs has water, upstairs does not. Joe balances precariously on a ladder that's on top of stairs in order to insulate pipes. Yay Joe - no one has to take a sponge bath in the kitchen.

Tuesday - Cold. Have ADD at work. Cold.

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Joe W said...

You're right about that ADD. Perhaps we should prescribe a few shots of Ritalin to go with those beers... :-)