Sunday, February 11, 2007

I'm surrounded by WIPs!

My life is filled with unfinished things right now...

Here's the half-finished back panel of my sweater. I'm kind of doing the striping however the mood strikes me - I just have to keep good notes to make the front match up.

Making Joe a sock from my SP9 Spoiler's sock yarn. It's my "take anywhere" project. It also reminds me that I have to get back to the LYS soon and get me some more small needles (I have plenty in 3-5, not so much with 1s and 2s). After I get more of those, I'm all about the socks-in-progress.

A suprise for my mother. I don't think she reads this blog much, but just in case, I'll speak in code to my knitting's often refered to as "Clappy." I'm on the 5th of 12 repeats in the straight row section. It's A LOT of fun, but this particular yarn (Lorna's Laces Bullfrogs & Butterflies - Mother Lode colorway) tends to split a bit. Good thing I have dull bamboo needles.

Oh, goody! I actually finished something! Purple socks for my sister-in-law. I made it with Patton's Classic Merino, because her feet get really cold and I wanted a nice thick sock. Standard sock pattern - k1p1 ribbing for the cuff, k3p1 for the rest. They always knit up nicely and quickly.

And the biggest WIP - our bathroom. Due to the pipe-freezing incident earlier last week, we realized that this was a good time to move this project up the list of priorities. This weekend we've been gutting the room, and here are some observations (both past and present - corresponding to the numbers in the picture):

1) The original siding of this section of the house wasn't removed - not typically a problem, but Mr. Bonehead basically ripped up certain parts of the siding (really sloppily) to accomodate the electrical boxes.
2) Just to the right of this pipe is a singed 2x4 - Mr. Buttmonkey soldered the pipe fittings AFTER installation and caught the wood on fire. He also put up drywall immediately afterwards - there were singe marks on that as well.
3) Original brick "insulation" still in the walls
4) Shower flooring had no support around the drain, so every time you stood in it, more pressure was applied to the pipe fitting, causing it to leak in the pantry below. We haven't been able to use that shower for several years.
5) Toilet plumbed to hot water. Something we learned to live with until we were able to redo the bathroom. But still - Mr. Crudmuncher was responsible for that as well.
6) See something there that doesn't belong? Pipes, electrical wiring, and no "blue board" behind the shower? We're very lucky that we didn't have any leaks, shorts, or fires.

And that's our little part of the universe this weekend. Now I'm going to pay bills and watch some DVDs in the background. I picked out a good selection - The Professional, Reservoir Dogs, and Fight Club. I'm not in a violent mood today, am I?


kdy12570 said...

Wow you guys are so gutsy to do all these repairs on your own--looks like you have your work cut out for you there! Good luck.
Love the new socks for hubby--colors came out way cool, hope he likes them!

Lorena said...

Oh, sistah, I feel your bathroom pain. You know I do.

On a postive, I'm loving seeing all that fab knitting you're getting done-- 'specially The Clap! I can't wait to see it finished!!!

Yarn It said...

I LOVE the Lorna's yarn! That is going to be gorgeous. Looks like you are trucking along great on your sweater! It will look great!