Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Day

Well, we survivied. But not without much whining on my part. Here's a pic that Joe took mid-day (while he was working from home, I might add):

Basically, it started as snow in the evening, switched to sleet/snow mix in the morning, became more icy mid-morning, then switched over to snow in the afternoon, stopping around 5pm with about a foot of accumulation. Add some winds into the mix, and you have the drifts that welcomed me this morning:

But it's all good. One of the amazing things (to this Southern gal, at least) is how quickly the roads get plowed once it stops. Granted, while it's still snowing, it's pretty crazy (like during my drive home yesterday), but I have to admit it was kind of fun plowing my badass truck up our hill that had about 6-7 inches of unplowed snow. At least I knew if I got stuck I could get out and walk.

We then went to 88 Charles Street, one of our favorite Montgomery restaurants, where they have the BEST Steak au Poivre (for Joe) and Gnocchi Bolognese (for me). Not to mention the bottle of decent Shiraz, excellent salad, and desserts (mmm...tartufo). After the white-knuckled driving, the constant stress during the day about getting home, and then such a lovely meal with my honey? I was out like a light at 9pm. Didn't even catch Lost live, which is a rarity. Then again, catching up this morning and starting the day with a decent Desmond fix wasn't too shabby. Mrrroww...


Anonymous said...

looks cold up there.

Lorena said...

Okay, I am feeling much better about the projected 25 Degreees we're seeing for tonight. They're even threatening flurries, for the first time in ten years! I don't believe it though.