Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday! Whoohoo!!!

You cannot beGIN to imagine the joy that is coursing through my veins right now (which of course is a sure sign that the Voldemort of my world will try to squash every last happy sparkle). But that doesn't matter - because I MADE IT.

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday evenings I worked on finalizing the reports for my volunteer group so the transition to the new treasurer would be final. Wednesday night was my last meeting, and it was certainly a meeting from hell. Went from 7pm until about 10:30 and ended with people screaming and walking out. Let's just say this isn't the FIRST time a meeting has gone like that. But I handled it all in stride this time because...IT WAS MY FINAL ONE. Went home, had a stiff drink, and slept with a smile on my face.

Thursday night had a meeting in the Village - I'm on several local government committees, and it's a great way to learn more about your community and connect with people. I enjoy it. I'm a total joiner in that respect - I think I got it from my dad.

Work has been holy heckwads, but no matter how painful it may be today, it too will be OVER soon. Nine point five hours and counting. Going out to dinner with good friends, then Joe will be getting ready for a business trip.

WHICH MEANS...tomorrow I'm going to be what I like to call Productively Lazy. Meaning, I'll do chores, but only those that can be done while watching TV or movies. Laundry. Dishes. Opening mail. Paying bills. Picking up clutter in rooms that have TVs (in all honesty, those are the only rooms that have clutter...kind of...). And at some point on Saturday it'll be all about the knitting, the beer, the lap cats, and a chick flick movie. I'm working hard on Clappy but also having fun on my first entrelac experiment. I got some really pretty, on-sale cotton when I was last at my LYS, and I thought I'd try some dishrags of different stitch patterns. Then, when I got the recent Interweave Knits, I thought it would be a good time to just expose myself to the technique - because these socks totally rock.

Sorry no pictures - haven't even hooked the camera up to the PC to download lately. But this weekend is catchup time. Here's a totally random picture that I have at work...a few weeks too late. It was taken in our driveway a few years ago. We have a groundhog who lives under our house - I call him Homer. I haven't seen him come out yet this month, so I'm not so sure that an early spring is in the future. He's kind of handy to have around - he eats maple saplings and mulberries. But he also eats certain flowers and our neighbor's tomatoes. Me, personally - I kind of like having our own little marmot mascot.

Have a lovely weekend one and all!!!


idyllicchick said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful weekend planned! I hope to have a similar one.

Oooooh! Look at those hostas! I miss hostas so much. They don't do so well in the baking heat.

Lorena said...

My grandmother tried to give me some hostas one year (that's my mother's mom). They did real good for... April. Then they died. They might do really well in Maryland, but in Florida they commit suicide. Sigh. Also, she has a groundhog, so seeing your photos totally made me miss the slightly-more-north!

You rock for jumping right into entrelac! It's time consuming but worlds of fun.

Eric K. said...

The hostas rock! I can't believe how big they've gotten. And as a 'Simpsons' fan, I love that you named the groundhog Homer. I can just hear him now: "Mmmmm...saplings...urgghhh"