Friday, April 06, 2007

A Damn Near Perfect Day

It's called Good Friday for a reason, folks - it's Good to have a Friday off.

I convinced Joe to take a day off with me, and oh, what a day...

Started off stopping by the Village Hall to get re-sworn-in for my new term on the Planning Board. When I was appointed, I was filling in for someone who left. Now I've been appointed for a full term. Kinda scary realizing I'll be 40 when that term is up.

Rolled down the street to the new Iron Cafe - this great guy Brian renovated a condemned house and turned it into a beautiful cafe with awesome coffee. And hands-down, this guy makes the BEST bacon-egg-n-cheese-on-a-roll sandwiches. Yum.

Across the river into Fishkill for a trip to N&S Supply, a huge local bath/kitchen design store. Had a good talk with some folks, picked up some brochures, and realized we need to talk with our plumbers before we make any major decisions.

Went north a bit on Route 9 to the mecca of beer snobs - Half Time. You have to love a beer store with full-sized shopping carts and a dozen taps for tasting and/or bringing home a growler or two. Loaded up the car with a goodly supply, then headed back over the see...


Totally rocked. Kicked ass. Three hours of non-stop awe. You must see this in the theater.

After that wonderful guilty-pleasure flick, we walked around the corner to Johnny Rockets, a great burger joint when you're going for the all-out heart-attack meal. Which, of course, we were.

Walked a little further into the mall and picked up some things at Target - including the new albums that Pink and RR&TFB have out now.

Drove back home to find out - BONUS! - the books I'd ordered from Amazon came today - Sensational Knitted Socks and...wait for it...Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook. Because while I am clearly NOT a neat-freak, for some reason I want to be one. Kind of.

We get home, we open a few beers, and Pulp Fiction is on TV.

What a good, Good Friday.


idyllicchick said...

Wah! I miss my Fridays off! What a great day you two had!

E-CON said...

I thought grindhouse looked stupid, maybe not.


P.S. I'm doin' a bunch of comment grafiti all over your site