Sunday, April 22, 2007

Shhh! Don't tell Joe!

...but I think his Beer Socks are done!

Please pardon my ashy white legs...

This was a wonderful pattern/kit from the Tsock Tsarina. Loved the pattern except for two things:
1) If you can find a better toe-up heel, then use it. I was sorely disappointed at my first short-row-heel attempts.
2) I would almost recommend the ribbing/foam in a slightly larger needle size. I got gauge the whole sock through, but the ribbing is pretty tight, since it's a twisted stitch pattern.

That's about it - knit on, and enjoy!


jacquieblackman said...

Those are so great!

I better not let my hub see or he'll be dropping some hints. ;-)

Eric K. said...

Okay...I'm confused...why are they called "beer socks"? Is it as simple as "socks to where while drinking beer"?

Lorena said...

I have to admit, Beth, you inspired me to finally start mine. I feel exactly the opposite as you do about the short rows, though-- these are the best instructions I've seen. But I guess I'd better not say that out loud since I don't want to discourage you... ;p

Eric, this is why we call them beer socks:

Joe W said...

Too Late! Joe KNOWS! HA HA!!! The master plan was for my lovely wife to finish these in time for me to wear them to Tap-NY, our incredible state-wide beer festival on 4/29. I plan on being the envy of the entire NY beer-drinking community with these babies!

Eric K. said...

Ohhh... I get it now. Thanks, Beth and Lorena, for the explanation. And, wow, how did I manage to write "where" when I meant "wear"? Eeeks!