Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Happy 4th, Y'all

The nice thing is that I get 2 "mini-weeks" for the price of one. I only get Wednesday off, but I think of it as having two Fridays (Tues and Fri). Tonight I baked four batches of Martha's Perfect Cookies...this is MY name for them - they are truly the perfect cookie. You must bake. Now. 10+ years of making them, I still get FIERCE comments and recipe requests. I feel no shameful pride, because it isn't my cookie. But no matter how you bake it - it's always PERFECT. Bravo, Martha.

Also made my Great-Grandmother Hughey's Chocolate Chewies. Basically a cookie-sized brownie with pecans (the link isn't my Grandmama's recipe). I haven't quite perfected them, though - the religious ONLY SEVEN MINUTES IN THE OVEN, PERIOD part of the recipe seems to turn out slightly underdone Chewies in this Yankee oven. But they still kick ass. Unfortunately, I can't erase the memory of my brother's name for them: Doo-doo drops. Thanks, bro. ;)

Am prepping the cookies for tomorrow's par-tay at Matt's house. May you have a happy Fourth of July, eat well, and drive carefully.

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