Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's All Good

...so when last we left, I had frozen pipes when I got home Thursday, only to be thawed out after a brief interlude with a hair dryer. Friday morning, however, it was No Dice. The pipes laughed at me and my frozen ass sitting on the floor near the utility closet.

The plan for Friday was to pick up Joe at the train station, drop him off at home, then zoom in to work. Once I realized I would not be getting a shower before picking Joe up, I understood that the "zoom" part of my plan might not happen. So I called my boss, letting her know I'd be later than I'd planned.

I didn't get a call from Joe at 6:30am (which was when he was making his train connection), so I called his cell, and it went straight to voice mail. Not good. I checked online - yup. His plane was over an hour late. Called the boss again, let her know I'd be A LOT later than I'd planned. Then as the morning wore on, I just called in a day off (fortunately it wasn't a busy day), picked up Joe around 10am, went to the hardware store for a heat gun, came back home and finished reading a book while Joe tackled the pipes. Evidently we weren't the only ones in this predicament - the hardware store had sold out of many frozen-pipe-assistance supplies.

After we took showers, we took a nap. Then around 3pm we walked down to our new favorite spot, Garrison's Tavern, where we had a delightful meal and a few glasses of wine. We then braved the cold on the walk back and chilled out for the rest of the day. For a day that started really crappy, it ended up rather nice.

So Joe is home for the week, and the pipes are not frozen. It takes so little to make me happy.

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Abigail said...

a solution for frozen pipes:
at night or on days when it is particularly cold, leave your faucets just barely dripping. it keeps the water in the pipes moving, and moving water doesn't freeze as easily as standing water.