Thursday, January 15, 2009

...Then it was the Pipes...

Today was cold. Brutally cold. Right now it's 6. Tonight it's 0.

I came home this evening in the normal fashion - walk in, bring in mail, feed cats, change clothes, go potty.


No filling-tank-noise.

Sinks: nada. Guest bath: nothing. Kitchen sink: trickle.

Yup. Frozen pipes again.

Call Joe, whine, pull out hair dryer (which, honestly, I haven't used for my hair since we bought it). Sit on floor while warming up pipes. Watch water meter. Wait. Wait. Wait...

...and there it was. Tiny little frozen pipe-ed-ness. Keeping the water closet (you think I'm just being delicate or European? We have a closet, and all that's in it is a water pipe and meter) door open, keeping the pellet stove on high - that should solve the problem. Should.

Thank sweet zombie jeebus Joe is coming home tomorrow, so he can see what's what and I can play helpless girl again.

EDITED FRIDAY 6AM: Nope. Didn't work. Frozen again, and 30 minutes with the hair dryer didn't help. Arg.


mathcutie said...

I'm no frozen-pipe expert, but when we lived in Illinois my dad used to put an electric blanket over the engine of his truck in the morning just to get it warm enough to turn over. Maybe you could wrap the pipe in an electric blanket.

Azraela said...

Oooh... That sucks. So you can't even flush the toilet? Oof.

Amy said...

Toilet, schmoilet, does that mean you couldn't take a shower before work??? (I don't know why I find this so horrifying, as Life With Child has gotten me into the habit of only a few showers per week (more than anyone wanted to know!) but there's just something about a shower before heading off to work early in the morning...)