Thursday, March 01, 2007

And I Wasn't Even Drinking!

Today marks Day Four of extreme WW back-on-track-ness. Gained 10 lbs over the holidays, and they're not too anxious to leave again - especially since my love of good food and good drink usually breaks down my flimsy willpower. So I haven't even had a beer or glass of wine in four days (gasp!). But since it's Birthday Weekend at the Weismanns, that will certainly change - mine is tomorrow, Joe's is Sunday, and we usually celebrate the day in-between (since that's the one full day we're the same age).

So earlier this week, when I was oh-so-proud of myself for being soooo very good, I did the typical Beth-is-a-clutz move to bring me back to earth. Hard. This move, carefully crafted over many years, is usually performed when slighly inebriated and going down stairs. I just miss the last one. Who knows why. Tuesday night, however, I missed two on our back stairway (not to code, steep, and winding) - my big, flat feet went right out from under me, and I smacked onto the cold, hard kitchen tile. I thought, "This is how people die. Joe's out of town, I'll hit my head and black out, and the next thing you know my coworkers will find me days later after my cats have eaten my face off." Yes, I'm just a bundle of sunshine in my own mind...

Very slight sprain on my sprained-so-many-times-I-just-roll-with-it right ankle, but otherwise I'm good to go. Just couldn't do much on the treadmill the last few days.

On to happier things - like knitting!

I'm starting on the Beer Socks for Joe to wear at the TAP-NY Beer Festival in April, but they're toe-up, and I get nervous about that. So I was going to start a trial pair with this lovely yarn my good buddy Sharon so lovingly sent to me. Then I realized Hell-to-tha-No, I'm saving that yarn for our special Snark-a-long later this year. This sock yarn is way too yummy. So I decided to go with this yarn - purchased on a binge in St. Louis - didn't really like how it was looking and not fond of the feel. Mom wants some colorful light-weight socks, and these will be perfect for her, I think. I'm also thinking about making myself this rasta hat. Just because.

That's about it for the random thoughts...I guess I'd best get back to work, since I' work...


idyllicchick said...

Your birthday? YOUR BIRTHDAY?! Happy day! And birthday smooches!

Pamarooni said...

OMG! This falling down the stairs close to your birthday thing happened to me, too. Maybe it's just our age. HA! I hope you had a good one.