Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bear with me...

Yes, I know, I know, I've been the totally rude Porch Mistress lately. But there are reasons, I swear! First of all, we're being audited this week (at work, I mean). So at the end of the day, the last thing I want to do is type or stare at a PC. And I've been so busy at work, I haven't even been able to do non-work things online during the day. Oh, the horror!

Secondly, I've been getting ready for tonight's meeting in the Village concerning our Comprehensive Plan. Yes, alas I cannot say no to our officials, and not only am I on the Planning Board but this CP Committee as well. I love our village. I love the people, the homes, the businesses...everything. And I inherited enough of Dad to get involved and make sure Montgomery can grow into something even more beautiful. We had our first public input meeting tonight, and it went very well. It warms my heart to know that others feel this way - whether they've lived here for generations or for just a few years, like myself. Sure, there are a lot of uncomfortable moments when politics and personal feuds get in the way. But having grown up 20 minutes from just about everything (although I really did love growing up that way, Mom!), it tickles me to death that I can walk to...5 delis, 2 coffee shops, 1 bakery, 1 pub, 1 martini bar, 5 top-notch restaurants, 4 pizza places, 1 liquor store, 1 grocery store, antique shops up the wazoo, the post office, the Village Hall, all of the get my drift. I love the Village of Montgomery. Please come up and visit sometime so I can show it off! :)

And because I've been pictureless lately, I leave you with something I totally scammed from my Angry Noodle friends...May you and yours have a happy, peaceful day - I promise more updates (esp knitting) very soon.

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Lorena said...

I love that you're so involved with your community. I'd hate to see you taken advantage again, though! Promise me that if it starts grinding you down into a little nub, that you'll stab someone with a DPN or something. :-) And hey, yes, we WILL come visit soon! HEE! Plans for a group plane ticket purchase are In The Works.