Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Trying to get Back to Normal

A few updates:

The Thin Mint Cheesecake recipe is here. I highly recommend it. The cheesecake itself isn't minty (just the crust and YUM! Andes candies and Thin Mints in the batter), so it's not overwhelming. I added green food coloring to the batter (since it was for St. Patrick's Day), and it turned out really nice. I don't want to know how many WW points it was.

Speaking of St. Pat's day, we spent it with our Irish friends, the Connors. All the goodness - corned beef, cabbage, ham, potatoes...plus lots of beer, Irish whiskey, Bailey's, games, and staying up until 4:30am. Let's just say things were a bit rough on Sunday, but it wasn't anything a good nap and some greasy fast food didn't cure.

While we were out, the kitties caught mousie #03-2007. No pics due to the...er...graphic violence involved. I guess a couple of the kitties played tug-of-war. Ick. Just what you want to face when you're hungover.

If all goes well, I'm going to be here Thursday evening. I'm totally stoked. I just haven't heard from my boss whether or not I can have a few hours off. I hope I hope I hope!

On-and-Off-the-Needles updates to be added to the sidebar - just haven't been able to get that together yet. Also need to add some buttons that I lost in the big conversion of layouts a while back.

That's about it for now - better get back to work!

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