Thursday, January 10, 2008

Not Much...

Sorry for not posting much, but here's the excitement of the last week...

- Joe & I had a burger at Sweeney's. I haven't had a burger in a loooong time. We discussed local politics and Britney Spears. Mostly talked about our gargantuan debt, though.

- Just got a new hamper for the bathroom (we've never had a hamper before...not one that we actually used). It's cool, it's large, and it's somewhat good for the planet. However, it smells. Seagrass smells funky.

- Got a nice thank you card from Mailman Ralph. That's how he signed it - Mailman Ralph. He and Mail Carrier Jill rock our world. If you ever tried to walk up our sidewalk in the ice, you'd know.

- Our pothole got filled! YAAAAY!!!

- Tomorrow is Pammy's birthday!!! One of the few I remember!!!

- I have this weird pain in my legs. Don't know if I should be concerned or not.

- I worked enough Mon-Thurs (45 hrs) to be able to bang in on Friday, right? RIGHT????

So, yeah. That's my exciting life.

On another, totally different note, at the risk of sounding preachy, please love the ones you're with tonight. I don't know why, but this story really shook me. Maybe it's because it happened in my hometown backyard. Maybe because we've all gone for short hikes without thinking anything of it. Maybe because we were all 20-something and totally in love with our dogs and life and believed that everything was good and okay. It makes me really, really sad. My heart goes out to all family and friends, Ella included.


Lorena said...

Girl, you are living the high life. Burgers? And hampers?


You're too cool for me!

Eric K. said...

Mmmmmm...I could go for a good burger. I did some on the grill a couple of weeks ago that were very tasty!

I know what you mean about the hiker - especially since it's so close to home. And considering I've been to Vogel and hiked some of those same trails...of course, I'm about as far from a 20-something female as you can get, but it still makes you think! And all these sightings and stories about what this psycho did in the days following keep happening at landmarks I know - a Kroger, Dawsonville, the Huddle House in Pickens County, now stuff in Florida, etc.

Anyway, keep on "living the high life"!

Amy said...

I like the smell of seagrass. But rest assured, it will fade. And it's pretty!

Burgers are sooooo gooood. No, I wasn't a vegetarian for 15 years, what makes you think I was, hmmm?

I don't want to know the details about that poor girl. Hiking in Vogel? I've done that... yep... sticking my head back in the sand...

frogonthefly said...

Yes...My brother and I camped at Vogel the Friday before this happened and hiked Blood Mtn and adjacent Slaughter Mtn the next day. AND two girls from Steven's softball team knew this girl. So needless to say we followed the story VERY closely. Rather spooky for me as I was JUST THERE.