Tuesday, January 15, 2008


It's 2008. One of those years - or so we thought when we were in elementary school - that would bring butler-robots and flying cars. But here we are - I don't have an AI unit working for me, poverty still exists, and who wooda thunk that U2's frontman would be such an icon for world peace.


Of course we don't take "resolutions" seriously. Who would? As a frequent diet-get-healthy-stop-starving-ite, it's easy to push thing off until Monday or next month or next year.

But this year? 2008? When I turn the dreaded three-six?*

I promise, first, to do no harm.

I promise, also, to express my love.

Lastly, I promise myself to not get so wrapped up in other things as to ignore taking care of myself.

And as a side-note, I promise to knit wonderful things for myself! :)

*please note that it's not 36 that's a bad thing, but the fact that certain things were to be accomplished by the age of 36 - children, wholeness, overall grownupedness....


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I feel you on the whole 36 thing! I thought by 36 I would have some sort of notion as to what I would do next (i.e., post full time parenting). Oh, well, here's to showing love and remembering ourselves! Happy New Year!!
BTW, when is your Tuscan adventure??

Lynda said...

Girl...I'm 42 and still don't have it all figured out. I have the kids, but the rest, not so much

jacquieblackman said...

It is a bit weird that the future is now and many of the things that we thought would be different aren't and the things we never imagined are now realities. It kinda hurts my head just thinking about it.

On a lighter note, these are all very doable promises and I can see you being very successful.

Here's to being in the "3-six in '08" club. Woot!