Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Go Jo-seff...it's ya Birfffday...

We go'n party like it's ya birfffday...

Actually, YOU'RE going to party. Alas, my sweetie is away on the evening of his thirty-seventh birthday, and he's going out to get drunk with his boss. And this worries me, because his boss is a total enabler.

This is the boss who, after the Christmas 2006 Company Party, moved the festivities to his house. All I know is we got there, he handed me various mystery shots, and I later got my finger shredded by his pet bird that I wouldn't leave alone, and I kept crying because I thought I scared the bird. Joe had to walk me out of the house. Many others didn't make it (they slept on the floor).

So, yeah. I'm worried. All friends and family who have his cell phone - call, text, and send lewd pictures to keep him entertained while his boss slowly takes him to the Dark Side. And be sure to call him first thing in the morning to wake him up all nice and perky.


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Anonymous said...

So sorry to have missed Joe's day. You know what they say. . a day late and many dollars short! I hope that the haze of the morning after wasn't too harsh!