Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Slow Day, Hon?

Joe's finally made some updates!

Also - quick recap of a STELLAR weekend:

Friday night - knit night - start my toe-up Monkey socks

Saturday - quick clean of the house(ish), run off to the train station to go to NYC. Lots of rain. Checked into the hotel, drank really expensive booze at the hotel bar, had fun with the bartender, went to The Gingerman where Miss Bitchy Waitress ignored us, drunk-dialed a few friends, ran to have a late dinner at a great Thai place, then met up with my Rav friend (after getting turned around near the Union Square Barnes & Noble - hey, I remember that place!), and then we saw EDDIE!!! OMGPONIES!!!1!

Awesome show. Unbelievable. Less than $50/ticket, and we were close enough to hit him if I threw something at him. Good gawd, he is funny. Show ended around 1am, and to wind down we hit a nearby deli for chips and a 24-oz Corona (we = classy) to take back to the hotel.

Woke up waaaaaaaaay to early, only to be reminded that it was indeed an hour later (damn you, time change!), rode the train back, had about an hour back at home before friends came to pick us up for the Home Show, where we decided that - after the gutters, exterior painting, and closet organizing, we're going to build a sun room with a hot tub. Par-TAY, anyone? We all then hit The River Station for good food, beer, and lots of laughs.

Bills didn't get paid, laundry didn't get done, and we were exhausted, poorer, yet happy.


Lorena said...

If I didn't adore you so much, I would be SO FREAKING JEALOUS 'cause you know I loves me some Eddie!

Eric K. said...

Sounds like just about the best weekend you could have (without power tools, anyway)!