Monday, May 12, 2008

Fun News and Sad News

First, the fun stuff. Because I need me some fun...

Over the weekend, we finally were able to start putting bunches of stuff back in the newly-painted bedrooms. Joe's been on the road a bit, and we needed to get the heavy stuff moved first (as well as the things that needed tools he won't let me play with). So here's the guest bedroom in progress...

Complete with beachy kitch. Nevermind the stash - it's not in its permanent home yet.

And so the newly-named Happy Room is now a state-of-the-art workout room, complete with TV!

We'd had the treadmill and weight machine in the smaller room, but it didn't work out well. Then when my mom and her friends came to visit, we really needed the space. The weight machine went into the attic for a couple of years, and now we have the space again. Bigger room, more space to move, and even space for an air mattress when needed.

It'll also be home to other odds and ends - I just haven't gotten them all organized yet.

I also got some good work done on my Newburgh Knits shawl. Still a far piece from finishing.

Doesn't look like much, because I didn't have an extra set of hands to stretch it out. Plus, I can't find my blocking pins right now.

Now for the sad news that makes me very sad: sweet Cosmo isn't doing so well. He hasn't been the same since his bronchial issues of 2006, and lately he's been showing the signs that every pet parent dreads: lack of appetite, lethargy (well, moreso than normal), I'm hoping I can just make him comfortable until his vet visit later this week. Keep him in your thoughts and just hope he sleeps a lot and doesn't have any pain until then.

Meanwhile, his little brother Dobby is doing a lot to comfort and look after him.

Hug your doggies and kitties tonight and send Coz lots of love...


Lorena said...

I wish I could hug the little guy in person! And also stay in one of those rooms! October can't get here fast enough.

Eric K. said...

Itchy and Scratchy are keeping Coz in their prayers.