Monday, May 26, 2008

Long Weekend Recap

Because I don't have the time (or willingness) to download pictures off the camera, here is this wonderful long weekend in a nutshell:

- left work
- knit, had wine, watched sappy movies

- woke up a little foggy
- went to doc appt
- marveled at my cholesterol improvement
- got scolded for falling off the WW wagon. Again.
- picked up Joe at airport, took him to lunch
- drove over to Linens-n-Things for wedding and shower gifts
- stopped off by local village shop to get stuff for my Ravelry Fiberflix swap pal
- ordered pizza, knit, watched Eddie Izzard onBBC America

- wrapped shower present
- packed for weekend upstate
- got to "surprise" shower
- could only stay one hour due to other commitments
- guest of honor didn't arrive within that hour
- left shower
- raced home, packed car, left for upstate
- arrived upstate
- saw friends
- drank
- ate
- (repeated the above two steps until, oh, about 2:30am)

- woke up feeling like total and complete poop
- ran to Dunkin Donuts for hangover food run
- ate. drank coffee. napped.
- left upstate, came home
- Joe bought stuff for bbq
- knit. a lot.

- got up, played on Ravelry
- decluttered and cleaned
- put winter clothes away, finally
- got sides ready for bbq
- watched My Cousin Vinny
- got swap pal package all ready
- waiting for Joe to finish the damned pork
- watched Trading Places
- waiting for Joe to finish the damned pork
- watching Back to the Future
- waiting for Joe to finish the damned pork

...and that's just about it. Let's hope Joe kicks his buddies out of here and finishes the bbq, now that the sides have been sitting around for two hours and I'm about to gnaw off my hand.

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Eric K. said...

So how was the pork???????????