Saturday, June 16, 2007

Joe's Back!

He hasn't put his gajillion pictures up yet, but I stole one just to say...

...he's such a lucky bastard. He got paid to go on this trip.

This weekend will be devoted to working on the bathroom, normal chores, hopefully getting in some riding time, and knitting.

I'm re-re-re-starting the infamous First Sweater, and thanks to a great suggestion from the Snarkmistress, I'll be knitting Tubey. I really didn't have enough original Sea Colors yarn for anything except the tunic pattern it came with, and I wasn't crazy about how it was going. Not really my style. In order to make a more "normal" sweater, I'd need more yarn (I only had 1200 yds), and I found another 800 of a complementary color from another purchase at Rhinebeck - didn't have any real idea what to do with it at the time of purchase (as is usual with me). So I knit up a swatch to see how the colors would look together:

The magenta and orangey colors are the Sea Colors. The blue was from a different vendor - can't recall who right now. You can kinda tell in the pic - the blue has all kinds of colorful flecks in it - including a magenta. They go together rather well, I think. So Tubey it is. It'll probably be a lot warmer than other Tubeys, but hey - I live in NY. There's always room for a warm wool sweater. The only thing that sucks is knitting it in the hot, humid summer. But I HAVE to get it done by October. I want to say, "I knit a sweater," dammit!

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Lorena said...

You may now begin the battle cry: TUUUUUUUBEY!


(Can't wait to see it!)