Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I Done Some Feltin'...

I had two recent felting projects - wanted to at least get a couple of them going so I wouldn't feel so bad about the time (and water!) they took in the washer (about 45 min with a front-loader - used to be 15 min with a top-loader). So I had my French Market Bag and a SURPRISE just a-waitin' for the suds, hot water, and agitation...

Here's my French Market Bag. Made with 1.75 skeins of Andes - one would have thought that, being the same dye lot, they would be remotely similar skeins. Not. But I purchased this on a yarn-high (one of my first) in Woodstock Wool, so I totally blame myself. The color variation is SOOOO not a big deal on a bag like this. I made it a little deeper than the pattern. Very easy, quick, and fun-to-see-the-results.

You can see the beginning of it here.

Here's the SURPRISE project:

Extreme close-up. Let's just say it's for someone (whom I love and miss dearly) who collects green things. But not just ANY green things. :)

And this is why I can't spend any more time doing much this evening:

There are two things you will notice in the above picture. Poor, asthmatic Coz and the A/C.

It's 95 degrees outside. It's 78 inside. Coz ain't no fool.

Wishing you cool, non-humid air...

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Amy said...

The bag looks like it's supposed to have the two different colors! Very nice.

I'm very impressed by the making of things out of other things with one's hands. Uh, eloquent, much? I mean like quilting or knitting or etc etc etc. All very impressive to me as I can do none of it.