Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm such a bad knitter...

...I didn't go out and knit on World Wide Knit In Public Day.


I did knit, however, and I'm coming along on several items from my list - the surprise for my mom, the socks for my mom, and socks for hubby (well, those weren't on the list).

I've only been THINKING a lot about my first sweater. I'm not in love with it (haven't touched it in months). Part of me wants to make a cardigan rather than a pullover, but I'm not sure I have enough, and I haven't really found a pattern I like...hrmmmm...any suggestions? It's a slightly heavy worsted that I really love, but I just can't see making a ho-hum jersey-type-pullover with it. Not that I want to perform some impossible feat with my first sweater, but I'd like to like know?

Hmmm...maybe Sweetness. That looks nice - simple, yet not cryptic in the instructions. Takes into account varied striping (I have one large skein of a different color)...hmmm...

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Lorena said...

Have you looked at Samus?

Kelly's making one to wear at Rhinebeck (Sharon and I are both going to wear Rogue). If you were worried about running out of yarn, maybe you could do the cables in a different color...? Or maybe Sonnet...?