Thursday, June 28, 2007

There's Gotta be a Better Way...

Monday we found out Joe had to travel this week, , so my appointment with Milo on Thursday (for an ultrasound to see if anything major was going on to cause his anemia) at the "special vet" would have to be done by me. No problem. Except on Wednesday, at 4:45pm, I discovered that I was to fill in (on Thursday!) for a guy at work who has an all-consuming job. It was a perfect storm...

5:00 am - get up
6:00 - leave for work, drive 12 miles.
6:30 - arrive at work. do work stuff, attempt to prepare for a hellish day.
9:00 - leave for home, drive 12 miles, pick up milo (stubborn ass won't get in his carrier), drive 12 miles to vet.
9:45 - pull into vet parking lot and realize that I left x-rays at home - d'oh!
10:00 - meet with vet
10:45 - leave Milo with vet for testing, drive home 12 miles, pick up x-rays, pick up extra shirt because Milo sheds so much, stop to get gas, drive back to vet (12 miles), more tests to be done, go to work (only 5 miles).
11:50 - arrive work
3:30pm - call vet, Milo's good to go, drive 5 miles to pick him up (city driving, lotsa lights).
4:00 - pick up Milo, drive 12 miles home, drop him off, feed other kitties, drive 12 miles back to work
6:10 - finally leave work, arrive home for the 4th time today

I'm tired. I'm bitchy. I'm gonna have me a beer.

ETA: and NO, bringing Milo to work was *NOT* an option, as was clearly explained to me this morning.

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Lorena said...

Oh, shit, honey. You don't deserve just a beer; you deserve the whole keg. I hope you are still drinking!