Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm Ready for That!

Last night, I attended one of my various Village Committee meetings, when the subject came up about one particular Committee Member's house (long story short, we're putting together a Master Plan, and this Member noted that her house - in an historic district, and very beautiful, I must say - should have a picture in the Plan, much as other historic residences do). No problems there - it's certainly a show-stopping house.

Then we as a Committee were joking about when to take the picture - just playing around, mind you - should we postpone our progress until the spring, when the flowers are in bloom, and we can get a good picture...? Then another member chimed in and said, "Yeah, and you could be sitting on your porch!" Then she started cracking up, "Yeah, in a rocker, knitting! I don't think I'm ready for that yet."

I almost stood up and screamed I'M READY FOR THAT!!! I'm ready to have a few days off and spend time with my friends and sit on the porch with a whole lot of other knitters, and wave to the people who will no doubt stop and stare at that crazy Weismann lady again, many of whom I hope are the Committee members in question!

Thank you. Rant over.


jacquieblackman said...

Yeah... cuz only stupid, old farts with nothing else better to do like to sit on a porch and knit.

We'll show them!!! ; )

idyllicchick said...

And I'll show them how I can put a knitting needle through my tongue and they'll love that!

Lorena said...

Is she not ready for it because it's too cool for her...? Too punk rock? Knitting brings teh sexay, ya know!