Sunday, October 14, 2007

Secret's Out!

You all (well, all two of you) have been reading about the socks for my sister. Well, they weren't for my biological sister (she doesn't read this, so I doubt she'll be disappointed - they weren't really her color anyway) - they were for Miss Snark.

You see, she was hosting a knit-a-long of socks for about a dozen people, giving away her priceless hand-spun as awards for finishing. Her friend (and wonderfully sneaky person) Sharon contacted us to see who would be interested in making the socks for HER, surprising her with our boundless love and affection, and possibly making her cry.

It worked.

We love you, Lorena - we know you've been working yourself batty each night, and although the trip this week (egads! THIS week!) probably puts a huge dent in your time to get the shop ready, Joe and I are very selfishly happy to get to see you again. Joe was even asking all day yesterday, "Did she get the socks yet?"

We hope your Birthday Week was perfect!


Lorena said...

You gals rock my... well, rock my socks! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!

MBT said...

Having seen the socks up close and in person, I can confirm that they were wonderful.

You are on my bingo card too!