Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Next Up - Rhinebeck!!!

What is it about taking days off that makes managers think you should work more before and after? Fortunately, this is my last day. They might squeeze every last inch of life out of me today, but NO MATTER WHAT, I'll be going home tonight and not coming back until Tuesday.


For my Rhinebeck wardrobe, I was aiming for Tubey completion, but that's a long way from happening - plus it's going to be abnormally warm this weekend. Then I was thinking about a shawl my mom made me a few years back, but even that will be too warm (it's a very cozy shawl).

In the meantime, for you Rhinebeck Blogger Bingo players out there, I'm probably going to be wearing my yellow Rasta Hat, and maybe some socks with birks. I'm a big-n-tall gal with big hair (unless it's really hot, then it's tied up in a knot), and I will probably be with or near a half dozen very cool knitter-friends, and two husbands of knitters, probably looking lost and a little overwhelmed.

I look forward to meeting everyone!

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