Monday, October 29, 2007

Too Much Perfection

Once again, we had a perfect weekend with friends - this time we did the traveling. Amy (with Craig & BTU) was in town visiting family, and Jane recently had some major sinus surgery, so it was only natural for us to go down there, pamper Jane, and hang out with the gang.

Friday evening, we all met at Greenwood's, an awesome comfort-food restaurant in downtown Roswell. Forgive the blurry shot - didn't want to blind folks with the flash. Also note that Jane is recovering so well that we forgot she'd been under the weather!

On Saturday, Joe and I just toodled around the city-that-we-no-longer-know. First, we went to the GT bookstore, which we discovered had sold out to The Man.

We did a quick walk around the block, marveling at how much we didn't recognize. I did, however, have to have the requisite skyline shot. One day, if you're lucky (and I'm drunk), I'll tell you about the significance of that hotel in the background. But this is a quasi-family blog, so no dice.

Then Joe drove us over to Virginia Highland, where we had a crunchy Presbyterian snack.

Actually, no. Joe let me wander into (and spend money in) Knitch!

Which is where I ended up buying a couple of skeins of Lotus Yarn goodies before I realized it was dyed by my Rav pal! In my hometown!

Here's little BTU, stylin' the superfly jacket that is the hands-down Most Awesome Jacket Ever. We were wolfing down Taco Stand burritos when not admiring his handsomeness.

And then the girls (half of whom have kids whom they left with the menfolk) headed out on their own, with only a British-frog-GPS to guide them.

Pammy is ready to be without a toddler for a few hours.

And here are the three best girlfriends in the world, at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. They had a very cool large-bugs-made-of-wood exhibit, and the pictures will be posted as soon as I upload them.

I have always loved the Atlanta skyline.

As wonderful as this weekend was, I am now completely exhausted. Two weekends in a row, we've had nonstop fun and love and giggles and hugs. I took Monday off because we'd had a late flight Sunday night. Fortunately, we caught an earlier flight (and were able to watch the Red Sox win - woohoo!), but I'm still recovering today and waiting for the furnace guy. And trying to find out where the heck that funky smell is coming from in the kitchen.

May you all be as lucky as I am to have such wonderful friends!


Amy said...

Awww... Hopefully we can keep doing this every year!

Eric K. said...

Wish I'd known you were coming to town - would have loved to have spent some time with y'all!

Anonymous said...

About the hotel. . .Pete remembered! Love and miss you! How are your Italy plans coming along?