Thursday, October 04, 2007

We Can Flush!!!

...of course, we can't wash our hands or shut the door (it's off the hinges right now)...

But we're getting there!!!

Note the really cool shower seat...and the blue is just tape holding the trim until the adhesive sets. This is starting to look like a real room! Yay, Joe! And the plumbers!


jacquieblackman said...


And congratulations on the flushing part, but I'll wait to jump for joy until the door is attached. ;-)

Thora said...

It's gorgeous! I *love* the color.

Kelly The Crafty Cat said...

Wow the bathroom really looks great! When can he schedule to do mine? I need one on the first floor. LOL

I finally got to catch up on you, and no you don't only have two readers, I've just been addicted to Ravelry lately.

:) The pictures outside were great. My neighbors always think I'm strange when I take pics too. :D