Thursday, September 07, 2006

Can't Focus...Need Fun...

September is difficult for me. It's budget time around the office, so that means I'm working most weekends (and Labor Day). On the flip side, it's a beautiful time in the Hudson Valley - a month filled with local festivals and beautiful weather. So while I'm here at the office, trying to focus on labor forecasts and material usage models, I'm mentally getting ready for General Montgomery Day.

I cannot stress to you how much fun this is. Norman Rockwell Apple Pie Fun. An hours-long parade with every firetruck and boyscout for miles. A soap-box derby where very frightened kids fly down the village's biggest hill and hope their brakes work. Fireworks. Puppet shows. All homes are decked out in red-white-and-blue. And it's basically in our backyard. After living in suburban Atlanta for 10+ years, this is everything home should be.

So look for GMD pictures here after this weekend, and for those of you wanting to visit NY, might I recommend the beginning of September? Because the Saturday after Labor Day is just ripe with cheesy fun in our little village, and we have rooms and couches to spare.

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