Sunday, September 03, 2006

Mr. Chambers is AWESOME!

I kid you not - I was standing in my kitchen, mouth agape, completely without words. Here's the whole story:

The saw mill guy showed up Saturday morning (goodness, he looked like he was 16 years old! Augh!), and he said he couldn't do anything with our tree unless the logs were on a level spot. Because if he brought his tree-moving equipment to our place (an hour drive) it would be way expensive.

And so we were left do we move these freakin' big logs?

Joe went into the village to ask folks, and our local tractor-dealership-owner, Mr Chambers, was there. A few words about the Great Mr. Chambers - he is probably close to 70 years old, is still active in the community, and on occasion cuts the grass between the sidewalks and road (really steep due to snowplows) with his whipass mower - along the WHOLE STREET. He was my favorite person to begin with.

So Mr. Chambers, after asking why we cut down our beautiful maple (we're a small town, and dangit bad news travels fast and harsh), said he'd move the logs up the hill, but he didn't know when.

3pm on a Saturday of a holiday weekend, in the cold rain - and this is what the Wonderful Mr. Chambers does - he freakin' hauls ALL of the logs up our hill to where they can be sawn easily. Please forgive the bad pic - I felt it would be in poor taste to take photos of them in the rain while he was doing a great favor. So I hid in the house, poking the camera around corners without flash. Kind of a reverse Peeping Tom.

There are certainly bad sides to small towns. This ain't one of them. Mr. Chambers rocks. A very special Georgia-pecan-pie is coming his way. I only hope he isn't diabetic.

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Lorena said...

What a great man!