Thursday, September 14, 2006

Joe's Effin' Sock

First, let me preface this post by saying that I have only made 2 other pairs of socks before. One in worsted (full socks), one not much smaller than that (ankle socks). This is my first time with tiny-ass yarn and tiny-ass needles on a long-ass sock.

Dangit, will this freakin' sock ever be done? Will I ever have the patience to finish the other?


I'm sure I will. But I figured I owed another post to Joe's sock, since it's taken over my life. Or at least the life of my spare time. Which is minimal right now. Very much enjoying how it's turning out, though, careless mistakes aside. But I do have a few explanations about the picture.

- The yarn is a lot darker in reality. Chalk this up to flash overuse.
- This was the only place I could think of to take a picture of the sock without too much trouble with light - our dining room table. Except it has the god-awful picnic tablecloth on it (see top of pic) that serves us well but disguises anything on the table (we've lost poker chips and even pieces of food to the pattern). So I pushed the tablecloth aside. Only to find...
- I haven't yet put away the table pads. Because this is our first grown-up table, and we had drunk folks over Sat nite to play poker, I wanted to make sure nothing happened. So you get a nice shot of the table pad.
- The mini-flags are from General Montgomery Day decorations - haven't quite gotten around to cleaning them and putting them up. At least they're not still in the plants outside.
- Dobby LOVES the sock yarn. I had to be satisfied with one quick photo before he started gnawing through it and one of my needles.

So there you go. Off to Copperfield's tonight for a WWPoint binge - I've been really good, seen drastic results, and due to work issues (both mine and Joe's), we need a night at the local watering hole.


idyllicchick said...

That's either a very small cat (*Love* the name Dobby, btw!) or a very large sock. I'm betting on very large sock, seeing as how I have only been able to complete one very large sock for my husband on very tiny needles with very fine yarn. I'll do the second one. Someday. Promise. Good luck on yours! Perhaps we can do our second large socks together. You know, for support.

Lorena said...

SSSSG? Second Sock Syndrome Support Group? Heh. I'm so glad Tim doesn't want any socks. Just the afghan. Oh, the afghan. Yeah. I bet I'll finish that bitch about as soon as y'all finish your Man Socks.