Tuesday, September 12, 2006

WW Confessions - Week 24

What happened to Week 23, you ask? Labor Day, so no meeting. And usually I'll make up a meeting, but all these freaky things happened at work (meetings, working late) then personally (getting ready for GMD, cleaning house)...basically, I'm good at making up excuses and weak about resisting them.

Hence the 4.6 gain for the two weeks. Yikes.

BUT I went to the meeting yesterday, which I soooo needed, and they've got these new exercise dvd thingies. I'm not so big with the walking in place while someone tells you to pump your arms, but I figure I could take notes and add the upper body movement to my treadmill stuff. PLUS I needed to start exercising again - you know, just make it part of every day. And this walking kit has a pretty decent book that has certain plans and how to increase when...I'm all about the structure. Plus there's a cd I'll dump to my ipod and take it walking in the neighborhood. This time of year is PERFECT for walking up a storm outside.

So there you go. Sucky, sucky week. But it's behind me. We had SO much party food left over, and I'm crazy about not wanting things to go to waste, so I went through the kitchen and marked the pointage on everything we had left - crackers, chips, cheese (I looooove cheese!), taquitos, poppers, etc. So even though these *aren't* the recommended foods for one such as myself, at least if I feel the urge to splurge I'll know what my limits are. Focus and planning. Focus and planning.

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